System OR1

(Simple Reverse Roller System) One system for a large area with no splits or gaps, using a single awning. The system is motor-driven and can be mounted vertically or with min 20° inclination. The intrinsic weight of the system unrolls the cloth to hang free, rest on a frame or be held by wires. Guides are needed only on one side, the full height of the spread. A vertically mounted system can be run in series, e.g. via a 90° angle hub, permitting cloths to cover several sides of a site. Coverage is from 4000mm – 60,000mm wide as well as max 6000mm fall.


The system is used with advantage on large surfaces as a blind or sunshade, as it has no chinks of light. Only one motor drives it, making it more economical to install and minimising motor noise. The system has a single guide, exposed when drawn back and optionally wire supports. The inclined system winds round the roller when drawn back. The system is integrated in construction and can with advantage be stored under cover. System scale and mounting can be adapted as necessary.


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