System OR2

(Double Reversed Blind System) One system for large areas without gaps or intervals for customised efficient regulation of light. The system consists of two fabrics. The system is driven by motor and must be mounted vertically. Intrinsic weight of the system makes the fabric roll out upwards and downwards simultaneously. At full extent the fabric roller is left at mid-height of the total spread. The system can have different fabrics fitted above and below. For example the upper section could use a stronger sun-shielding fabric, while the lower one could have a lighter, more diffuse effect. Guides are needed on one side only and for half the spread. The OR2 system can accommodate a sequence of fabrics, with a 90° hub permitting coverage of several sides at a time. Coverage from 4000mm – 60,000mm wide as well as max 6000mm spread.


The system is useful for large areas that need shading and diffusion or both, as there are chinks of light. With only one motor to drive it, it is cheaper to install and noise is minimised. The system has one guide that remains visible along half its height when spread. The remainder rolls round the fabric roller when drawn in. The system is integrated in construction and can with advantage be stored under cover. System size and mounting adapted as necessary.


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Demonstration hall
World Culture Museum
New Opera House