System SPO

(Roller Blind System) Traditional roller blind, to hang free or with line attached, for sunshade or to darken the room. Can be linked in sequence via sealed bearings for silent and reliable functioning. The use of these bearings enables series of large fabrics to be controlled by a single motor. Coverage about 25–30m² per fabric, which in turn can be run in series. Blind has a depth of max 8000mm and breadth of max 5000mm giving large coverage for each one.


Sealed bearings run quietly and surely with no loss of function when connected together. A weighted batten fits in a pocket of the fabric. Size and construction are matched to fit the needs of each project.


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Sveriges Television, SVT
SKF Entre
First Hotel G, Central Station
Gullmarsstrand Hotel
Chalmers, ED-section
World Culture Museum
Marine Museum