System Zip ES

Ideal system for fitting blinds or sunshields to premises where events are held, it can deliver near total blackout and is very functional and reliable.
The ZIP system is an unobtrusive system with flat metal guides that can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. These guides and the zip feed prevent the fabric used from coming loose and help keep it taut.
The guides must be identical: either 33x28mm or 17x28mm. Covered surface is about 20-25m² per fabric, to which others can be added for more coverage. Fabric extension is 200 – 6000mm and a breadth of 200 – 5000mm, giving large coverage per unit.


Takes up little space, is elegant and unobtrusive as well as efficient. Can be hidden away in a niche or in ceiling space. Sealed bearings make it silent and safe and the system is extensible with no loss of functionality.


Tested according to EN1932:2001 och SS-EN 13049:2003, SS-EN 14019:2004 och SS-EN 12600:2003



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